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Dear Parents,

All payments are accepted in the increments specified in your individual contract, which is based on the tuition schedule.

All payments from clients who do not sign the contract will be returned. All financial losses connected with the processing of these payments (bank charges, etc) will be charged from the returning sum.

Only advanced payments of the following school year tuition can be returned. This payment can be returned only after a written notice is received, no later than May 1st. Advanced payments of the following school year's last month tuition, application fee, all financial losses connected with the processing of these payments (bank charges, etc) are non-refundable.

The guarantee of student's enrollment will be given upon receiving the tuition payment, in accordance with the terms of contract.

Fixation of payment for following the school year is secured by signing an additional contract and by paying first and last month's tuition for the school year.

Late payments will incur a charge of 1.5% per payment.

Hopscotch Montessori Team
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